Acoustical Absorption | AudioXpress – December 2013

Acoustical Absorption - The Oldest Tool in the Modern Acoustician’s Tool Box

"When most people hear the words“acoustical treatment,” they immediately think of the fuzzy stuff on the walls that
deadens a room’s sounds. The fuzzy stuff acts as acoustical absorption. While it’s certainly not the only tool in the modern acoustician’s tool box, absorption was the first tool to be scientifically quantified. ..."

By Richard A. Honeycutt, Ph.D. , article courtesy of "AudioXpress"

Jocavi Group at the 2010 Namm | Producción Audio – February 2010

The return to the Music's Fiesta! - Spanish edition

"From the 14 until the 17th of January the 2010 Namm Show has again registered an increment of visitors, in an optimism and cheerfull climate." - "The Jocavi Stand was small to show the full range of acoustic panels, but generated a huge interest from it's visitors ..."

Jocavi Group at the 2010 Namm | Audio Productions – February 2010

The return to the Music's Fiesta! - Portuguese edition

"From the 14 until the 17th of January the 2010 Namm Show has again registered an increment of visitors, in an optimism and cheerfull climate." - " The Jocavi Stand was small to show the full range of acoustic panels, but generated a huge interest from it's visitors ..."

Belgium / Portugal - Jocavi Group | Prosoundnewseurope – January 2010

Ideal Audio - Best worlwide distributor.

"Ideal Audio was named "Best worlwide distributor" at the international Jocavi Event Launch (Cascais, Portugal) in October ..."

Open the online version of the magazin and check page 19.

Greece / Portugal - Jocavi Group | Acoustics & Housing – January 2010

Audigys - ATP.

"Audigys - presenting the Cost Effective Acoustic Panels - ATP to the Greek market ..."

Open the online version of the magazin and check page 66.

Best Jocavi distributor - Jocavi Group | Resolution – Jan. / Feb. 2010

Ideal Audio.

"Mathias Aerts of iDeal Audio, with João Vieira, general manager Jocavi Group. Ideal Audio in belgium has been named best Jocavi distributor 2008-2009. ..."

Spotlight - ATP - Jocavi Group | Resolution – December 2009

ATP Spotlight.

"ATP is a new brand of acoustic treatment panel kits to suit different sized rooms for studios, home cinemas, and rehearsal spaces. ATP has its own plant, wich is totally independent from that of Jocavi Acoustic Panels, with modern foam and polyurethane in compliance with European Safety legislation for public spaces. ..."

ATP - the New Acoustic Panels Brand - Jocavi Group | Audio Productions – October 2009

The new ATP brand launch.

"The Jocavi Group is in great activity this month, having just launched it´s new ATP brand of acoustic panels. The Brand will be present at the next AES edition, in New York, and it will be presented to the Europeean market in the Launch Event 2009 at Cascais from the 16th to the 18th October. ..."

Acoustic Treatment - Between the necessity, the offer and the demand | Instalação Profissional – October 2009

Sector in ebulition

"Prestige develops acoustic projects in several segments. In the Marimo's pavillion at Madeira (Portugal), here with finalized work, were used the Jocavi Mellowalltrap Acoustical panels. If the increment of legislation and fiscalization may be considered the motors of the development in the acoustical market, other of the possible justifications may be found with the increase of the importance of this issue in the arquitects's and designers formation ... "

Portugal Brands - Associative Design | Design Event – London 24th to 27th September 2009

Jocavi, Acoustic Panels, Lda. - Presentation.

"We´re a Portuguese enterprise specialized in acoustic isolation and treatment. More than ten years experienced in the construction of professional audio studios, we now produce acoustic treatment products of vast apllication. ..."

Custódio Cardoso Pereira 2009 Convention: | Audio Productions – Jul. 2009

Jocavi supllied the Acoustic Treatment for the Convention's space.

"Custódio Cardoso Pereira 2009 Convention at the historical city of Obidos in Portugal, presenting the DTS illumination Solutions and the sophisticated RME Audio Solutions. - Jocavi gladdly supllied the Acoustic Treatment of the Convention's space with the usage of the Jocavi Acoustic Panels, the used models were the - Dynamicflow, Coralreef, Mellowalltrap and Woodiffuser ..."

Jocavi: The domain of Acoustic Solutions | Audio Productions – Jun. 2009

Jocavi at Prolight & Sound 2009.

"Jocavi at Prolight&Sound 2009 with 3 new acoustic treatment panels, and also presenting it´s Transportable Diffusor Acoustic Shell, Dyn As..."

New Solutions and Online Store - Jocavi Group | Audio Productions – March 2009

New Portal related to Acoustic and new Online Store.

"Jocavi has integrated five different companies and services related with acoustic and created one of the most complete portals with Acoustic Solutions. Five specific websites offering a wide range of products, services and an Online Store, integrated on a "web-interface ..."


Music Messe - Frankfurt | Audio Productions – April 2008


"Jocavi presented itself this year at Prolight+Sound with its best location ever, right infront of Harman Pro's stand, wich contributed for the generated interest by the new acoustic treatment products of this portuguese manufacturer, with special atention for the new system of acoustc diffuser shell, the effectfuser for the big volumetrical rooms like theaters or auditoriums."

"Ceska Komora Architektu" | Bulletin – February 2008

An Article published about the specifications of the Jocavi Acoustic Shell - "Effectfuser" in the Arquitecture Bulletin from Checoslovaquia .

By: Jiri Janosec - Technologické centrum Akademie ved CR

Cambio de "chip" | Alta Fidelidad – February 2008

An Interview from our distributor in Spain.

"La instalación del mes. "
«A punto de publicar nuestro número 200, les presentamos una instalación definitivamente distinta de todo lo que les hemos presentado hasta ahora. Les aseguro que no les dejará indiferentes."
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By: Salvador Dangala


Produção Áudio: Frankfurt – Musikmesse e Prolight+Sound 2007   | Audio Productions – May 2007

«A estreia da Jocavi na Prolight+Sound não poderia ter corrido melhor, com toda a gama de painéis acústicos da marca nacional a merecer os mais rasgados elogios da comunidade profissional e com muitas empresas de instalação e projectos a gerar negócios concretos.»
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Escenotecnic  | Mayo/Junio 2007

«Jocavi es una empresa Portuguesa especializada en el desarrollo y fabricación de paneles de tratamiento acústico para la industria de audio Professional. Aúna la innovación tecnológica al buen gusto decorativo consiguiendo resultados muy fiables.
Cuerda y Telon S.L. representante de Jocavi en Espana há detectado la necesidad en profesionales y proyectistas de utilizar éstos materiales de alta calidad.».

Produção Áudio: Novo Painel Difusor  |  April 2007

«A empresa portuguesa especializada no desenvolvimento e na produção de painéis de tratamento acústico para a indústria do áudio profissional e instalação contínua a valorizar o seu portfolio de soluções com novas soluções integralmente desenvolvidas e fabricads no nosso país. ....»


Produção Áudio: 123ª Convenção AES  - Nova Iorque | December 2007

«O stand da Jocavi desperta sempre ampla curiosidade dos profissionais do som que reconhecem sempre a originalidade de painéis acústicos…contribuindo para o sucesso nesta edição da 123ª AES, a Jocavi impressionou bem os visitantes com a estreia de dois novos painéis.»

Produção Áudio: 122ª Convenção AES  - Viena | July 2007

«Como única empresa portuguesa presente na 122ª convenção europeia da AES. a Jocavi voltou a destacar-se com as suas soluções inovadoras de tratamento acústico. ... os seus novos dois novos painéis Dynamiccleaky, absorvente e Dynamicflow, difusor, ambos constituindo soluções complementares para tratamento baseados nos mesmos princípios. ...>>

122nd AES Video: Jocavi Acoustic Panels, Part 1 | May 23, 2007

"Dan Agosto drops by the Jocavi Acoustic Panels exhibit at AES in Vienna and walks us through some of the options. Irregularly shaped surfaces on walls sharply reduce the reflection of sound and are commonly used in professional recording studios and spaces. There's more than one way to be irregular as this Gearwire video shows. "


AES Vienna Video: Jocavi Acoustic Panels, Pt. 2 | May 23, 2007

"In this Part 2 video shot live from the floor of 122nd AES in Vienna, Austria, Gearwire's Dan Agosto shows off some of the more visually appealing offerings in Jocavi's line of acoustical panels. These panels are wall treatments for recording spaces that diminish reflection of sound by presenting an irregular surface. Sound energy collides with the surface and becomes broken up by it, as opposed to a flat surface, which doesn't break up sound energy. Instead, flat surfaces reflect it with little energy loss and therefore a net increase in the room's sound energy. "
>>Low (1.7MB)
>>High (3.6MB)
>>Low (1.6MB)
>>High (3.5MB)


Realisason: AES - Vienne   | July 2007

«Avec Paris en 2006, cést la seconde présence à lÁES pour le sympathique fabricant de matériaux acoustiques Jocavi (Portugal), qui présencait tout sa gamme de produits de traitements acoustiques, ainsi que sa nouvelle ligne ATP (pour Acoustique Treatment Pack),comprenant 4 séries de packages destinées aux installations de "home cinema" ou de petits studios.»
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Acoustic treatment made in Portugal  |  Audio Productions – July 2006

«The concern with acoustics in its different application modes is an increasingly important reality in the national market. There are not many producers of the kind and the Portuguese firm Jocavi has shown that has high rates of competence to show to the world market in that area. The Audio production has made the balance of the first appearance of the Firm in an European AES Convention.»
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By: João Martins


JOCAVI: ATP Acoustic Treatment Packs  |  Audio Productions – June 2006

« The Portuguese Firm Jocavi, with her first presence in the AES Convention, has created four sets of ATP acoustic panels, aimed at clients who wish an acoustically fine treated room and who appreciate the aesthetic, with all acoustic elements at sight.»
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By: Gabiel Albornoz


JOCAVI: AES  |  Audio Productions – June 2006

«A Jocavi, presente pela primeira vez numa convenção da AES, foi uma presença que se saúda e que se destacou entre as novas propostas apresentadas no evento…iniciando assim um percurso de expansão da sua actividade como fabricante visando também a distribuição.»
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Acoustic with style | Audio Productions – March 2004

«If one visits the main show rooms of national firms of professional sound and light, some of our main studies or even discotheques in Lisbon and Oporto, everywhere one can find the visible and audible features of Jocavi, a national firm which is dedicated to the study of acoustics and the production and trade of acoustic treatment panels, which in a simple and efficient way can respond to the enormous market necessities.
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By: João Martins

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