Motif® Canvas Customized Print

Motif® is a new printed textile finishing meant to widen the decorating options on acoustic panels. It can be used on the Mellowalltrap® and Lightwalltrap® fabric-finishing models, while keeping the same acoustic performance as the original models. Besides the 15 standard JOCAVI® colours, Motif® provides an option for those who want a more personalised solution. Motif® offers a new possibility to use acoustic elements in a unique customised interior design. Sound control solutions need to meet greater acoustic demands while maintaining an aesthetic appeal. The Motif® printed textile finishing line offers a sophisticated look with our acoustically transparent fabric, which is available in a multitude of design options that perfectly match decor of your space. Motif® images can be obtained by printing them from our image data bank or by using our design services for individual designs or customers’ own images, texts and symbols. A precise evaluation of the customers’ files resolution will be confirmed before printing. The One of a kind department guarantees the quality and exclusivity of your file printing, which will be used only once and only for you. Different colours and patterns can be used for printing. The quality of our textiles used with the pictures fulfils the fire security requirements (B1) for public use. Acoustic Panels help control the excessive reverberation and echoes caused by the hard surfaces of construction materials. The strategic placement of acoustic panels on walls and ceilings helps absorb unwanted sound energy and causes a reduction of acoustic defects. Thus, you can hear your music and movies as they were meant to be heard.


Printed textile finishing
Acoustically transparent textile
Same acoustic performance as the original models
Exclusive customized images guaranteed by our One of a kind department
Fire security requirements (B1) for public use
High-quality print, using CMYK colour system and resolution up to 1080 dpi
Custom-made by size and images
Large-scale seamless images
Easily exchangeable canvases

Available Models

New!... Available on all JOCAVI models with a finishing in wood veneer or fabric: Addsorb, Leaky FM, Mellowalltrap, Lightwalltrap, Convexabsorber, Ebony, Basscorner, Roundbasscorner, Walltrap, Basslayer, Tubabsorber and SY, Mellowaffle. All these models may have the image you want as a finishing, as an alternative to solid colours.

Examples of Combinations          
STANDARD SIZES   Standard Combinations used on Lightwalltrap® Model
90 X 90
30 X 90
90 X 180
3 X (30 X 90)
4 X (30 X 90)
5 X (30 X 90)
2 X (90 X 90)
3 X (90 X 90)
2 X (180 X 90)
3 X (180 X 90)
STANDARD SIZES   Standard Combinations used on Mellowalltrap® Model
60 X 60
60 X 120
60 X 180
2 X (60 X 60)
3 X (60 X 60)
2 X (120 X 60)
3 X (120 X 60)
3 X (180 X 60)
3 X (180 X 60)

Application Guidelines

The quantity of panels and their placement on each surface may vary according to your specific situation.

On sidewalls: panels can be distributed halfway between the main sitting position and the speakers in order to reduce the first reflection points.
On the front walls:
panels placed behind the speakers reduce the energy that would normally be reflected from this surface directly to the main sitting listening position (whenever acoustic diffusers are used the energy is scattered to dead points).
Rear walls:
low and mid-low frequency absorption panels should be placed in the middle, behind the listening position for better results.
panels should be uniformly distributed along the ceiling in small pieces (60cm x 60cm). Ceilings are an important empty surface to be treated, as they are never occupied as any other surface.
Front and back corners: they are the ideal place for low-frequency absorbents. The height of the panels should be centred at ear/listening level in most rooms. We usually suggest that treatment starts at about 90cm from the floor on standard 2.50m / 3m walls.
Furniture or audio/video equipments: These components affect the acoustic behavior of the room. They should be assembled as symmetrically as possible while avoiding the massive concentration of elements in only one side of the room.

Need help?

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