Fabric Panels
JOCAVI® LIGHTWALLTRAP® is an absorption panel to be applied on walls and ceilings that predominantly absorbs in the mid-range spectrum ... more
JOCAVI® EBONY® is a medium-frequency acoustic absorption panel. Its convex shape helps to reduce the first convergent angles in rooms. ... know more
JOCAVI® CONVEXABSORBER® is an absorbent panel which is efficient at absorbing low and medium frequencies. For ceilings and walls. ... know more
JOCAVI® MELLOWCLOUD ABS® provides almost infinite possibilities of free combinations for ceiling applications. Mid-range freq. absorbent ... more
JOCAVI® MELLOWALLTRAP® is an absorbent for walls and ceilings. It excels due to its high performance in the mid and mid-high range... know more
JOCAVI® MELLOWAFFLE® is a suspension panel for large areas to eliminate echoes and reduce reverberation time. Controls and reduces airborne noise ... more
JOCAVI® BASSLAYER® low-frequency absorbent panel. It has a hard membrane absorber inside a tuned box with 4 lateral holes, tuned to 160 Hz. ... more
JOCAVI® WALLTRAP® is a product that absorbs low frequencies and is tuned to 160 Hz. It is meant to be mounted on walls and ceilings.  ... know more
JOCAVI® BASSCORNER® is extremely efficient at holding back excessive levels of low frequencies and highly efficient between 32 Hz-280 Hz... more
JOCAVI® TUBABSORBER® is an absorbent of mid-low frequencies. Built for corners and edges of rooms ... know more
JOCAVI® TUBABSORBER SY® for small or medium-sized rooms as an absorber of medium/low frequencies or as an application complement ... more
ATP® IVORY® is a 2D controlled dispersion diffusion panel in a single coordinate. It is made of high-density EPS covered with a hardened layer ... know more
JOCAVI® ROUNDBASSCORNER® provides good energy reduction between 40 Hz and 400 Hz. Its highest level of reduction is at 125 Hz ... know more
ATP® CAMOU® absorbent panel, in particular of the mid-range of the sound spectrum, for walls and ceilings. Fabric-coated front part ... know more
ATP® LF TONE® is a low-frequency membrane absorbent panel for walls or ceilings. Tuned to 250Hz. Effective performance also at lower frequencies ... more
ATP® LF CAMOU® has an absorption peak at 100 Hz. It combines a high-density foam box with JOCAVI® ’s fabric finishing.... know more