The MELLOWCLOUD® ABS is a One-Dimensional Curved-Shaped Absorbent Acoustic panel for the acoustic construction industry.

This model has been designed to provide almost infinite possibilities of free combinations for ceiling applications. The MELLOWCLOUD® ABS is a mid-range frequency acoustic absorption panel, consisting of a rigid EPS body with a porous absorbent acoustic foam coated with fabric, which evolves and meets the aesthetic challenge while also offering an optimal One-Dimensional Sound Diffusion.

Shaping and curving the surfaces can improve the coverage and the scattering of sound energy throughout the room.

These concepts were well assimilated into modern architectural acoustic designs, offering more generic shapes than architects could integrate into their designs. This model can be compared and combined with the MELLOWCLOUD® DIF, which is an Diffuser, and has the same ideology of applications.


This product is meant to be suspended from ceilings or metal grids. The MELLOWCLOUD® ABS improves soundproofing and reverberation time levels on all types of environment.

It is mainly installed in large areas of application, such as auditoriums, conference rooms, multipurpose rooms, hospitals, clinics, offices, shops, radio stations, restaurants, bars, food courts and airports, places where airborne noise reduction is imperative.

These rooms need a surface that is efficient at absorbing sound waves within the largest possible range of frequencies, in order to reduce the existing airborne levels and reverberation time.

JOCAVI® provides this model in two different options: standard or customised. The MELLOWCLOUD® ABS can be customised as to its shape and size to better adapt it to each space.

A three-dimensional program determines the best shape and size according to each special project, the best array tilt and positioning, in order to ensure the best sound absorption in the room.

Afterwards, this process is then sent to the factory to manufacture the panel.



The Panel consists of a 66mm (MD-EPPS 32 kg/m3), 14mm (32FR Acoustic Foam) coat with a coloured or printed fabric from JOCAVI®.

Each panel only has four supports/hangers (M6 nut screw), which enable it to be easily mounted on ceilings or metal structures with our recommended mounting accessories.

Aluminium hardware and metal cables can be provided at the right size according to each installation.

The panels can be coupled to each other with our aluminium bars and can then be hung together as a cluster. It is possible to apply specific lighting embedded in the panels, please contact JOCAVI for more information.

The MELLOWCLOUD® ABS finish is made from fabric with our regular colours or motif printings, which provides a very versatile appearance.

The MELLOWCLOUD® ABS is easily mounted on ceilings with a metal-wire system, aluminium frame, and our appropriate mounting accessories.

The panels can be hung individually or connected together. Depending on the orientation of adjacent panels allowing a variety of tilting options, each panel’s tilt is independent and can be adjusted to better serve the forestage coverage in the seating area.

These panels are extremely delicate and should be handled with care. They are supplied with a plastic cover to avoid any damage during handling and installation. The product is relatively light, so we recommend two workers to handle it.

The optional MELLOWCLOUD® kit includes: 4x (M6 closed eye screw), 4x (M6 washer), 4x (50cm cables), 4x (M6 Threaded brackets), 4x (M6 open eye screw).

Ceiling assembly may be carried out in several different ways, and customised kits can be provided according to each project specifications.


Standard and customised shapes.
Pre-curved to provide an artistic free form style of design.
Optimised shape, array and positioning that ensure uniform coverage.
Panels can be used independently or tilted side to side and front to back.
When suspended, integrated mounting hardware and cable system (only four supports/hangers by each panel) are used.
NRC : 0,89.

Other sizes and shapes are available on demand
Max. Size: 2,00m x 1,20m (several modules can be interconnected).
Very lightweight (5 Kg/m2 - 80 mm thick panel).
Finish: M1 JOCAVI fabric finish.
Applications: Medium and Large Halls.


MELABS 200 200 cm 120 cm 8 cm 14 Kg
180 cm
100 cm
8 cm
9 Kg


MELLOWCLOUD® ABS is easily mounted in ceilings with our suspension method composed by; metal-wires, aluminium frames, and accessories.

The panels can be hanged individually or connected together.

Depending on the orientation of adjacent panels allowing a variety of tiling options. Each panel’s tilt is independent and can be adjust to better serve the forestage coverage in the seating area.

These panels are extremely delicates and should be handled with care, they’re supplied with a plastic cover to avoid damage during handling and installation.

The product is relatively light so we can recommend two workers for handling purposes.




4x (50cm cables)
4x (M6 closed eye screw)
4x (M6 Threaded brackets)
4x (M6 open eye screw + washer)

Frequency [HZ]

Similar to
RAL 1011
Similar to
RAL 1003
Similar to
RAL 2001
Similar to
RAL 3003
Similar to
RAL 4007
Similar to
RAL 5010
Similar to
RAL 6028
Similar to
RAL 8019
Similar to
RAL 7001
Similar to
RAL 7015
Similar to
RAL 9005
Similar to
RAL 5013
Similar to
RAL 9003
* Included suspension wires 60cm, different measures upon request.


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