JOCAVI® PLURA® is an acoustic diffusion panel, manufactured in ABS on an absorbent filling box ... know more
JOCAVI® DIAMOND® is a 3D-controlled dispersion multi directional reflection panel ... know more
RIPPLE® was especially designed to have both absorption and diffusion features ... know more
The JOCAVI® WOODFOIL® is a slightly concave diffusion panel, made of varnished birch plywood ... know more
JOCAVI® CERAFLECTOR® is a 3D controlled dispersion multi directional reflection panel.... know more
JOCAVI® WOODIFFUSOR® is a 2D diffusion panel that focuses on controlling horizontal dispersion and is efficient in a wide range of frequencies. ... know more
JOCAVI® SQUARYDIFFUSOR® is a diffusion panel that has a higher balance between diffusion / absorption. It is a 2D quadratic diffuser with five .... know more
JOCAVI® Tuneflector is an acoustic diffuser with outstanding scattering features coupled with the lowest absorption ... know more
JOCAVI® DYNAMICFLOW diffusor acoustic panel non-linear convex shapes, based on ellipses optimised in order to achieve better angular ... know more
JOCAVI® EFFECTFUSER® is a large-sized diffuser... Due to its shape and depth, it has a high diffusion coefficient on medium/low freq. ... know more
JOCAVI® TWO® FX is an acoustic diffusion panel for High-end Studios and high-performance room applications. Its diffusion pattern is based on ... know more
JOCAVI® MELLOWCLOUD® DIF is a One Dimensional Curved Shaped Diffuser Acoustic panel for Multipurpose, Auditoriums and Theatre Halls. ... know more
ATP® CORALREEF® is a 3D controlled dispersion acoustic diffusion panel... Its angular appearance gives dynamics to any space ... know more
The ATP® WAVYFUSER® INV - This design results from combining a sequence of concave and convex shapes ... know more
ATP® IVORY® is a 2D controlled dispersion diffusion panel in a single coordinate. It is made of high-density EPS covered with a hardened layer ... know more
ATP® PYRAMID® is a model that combines diffusion and absorption qualities. It was designed for the music industry acoustic ... know more
ATP® STRIPEFUSER® is the least expensive model of diffusers from all our brands. It has a striped shape. Made of high-quality ... know more
ATP® CUBEFUSER® acoustic panel is one of the least expensive diffusers from our brand. Cubic-shaped and made of high-quality ecologic ... know more
ATP® REFLEX® presents another option on acoustic diffusers, allowing different aesthetic and performance possibilities ... know more