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                             We are a Portuguese company specialised in developing and manufacturing acoustic treatment panels for the professional audio industry.
                             We always look for originality, technological innovation, durability, cost and promptness to present our products. We have therefore generated a vast
                             organisational wealth because we share Quality with those who are quality-oriented.
                             The use of acoustic products in working environments, by taking into account the needs and the modern corporate images, is our passion.
                             Our company has a varied and thorough offer of high quality products available, which enable a wide range of applications.
                             Our range of products offers the designer a large variety of solutions. Several types of absorption and diffusion panels deliver an excellent performance in the
                             diverse areas of application.

              ACTIVITY AREAS

                             We have the solution for the most demanding ears, be it for auditoriums, audio studios, commercial or sporting environments, radio stations, theatres,
                             conference rooms, churches and even for your own listening room at home. JOCAVI® presents acoustic treatment panels which blend well with any decoration
                             and are easily mounted on ceilings or walls.
                             The development and improvement of these panels were done with the help of computerised calculus and analysis, in order to determine their characteristics
                             and optimise their practical application, thus ensuring the excellence of our products.
                             Our products offer new aesthetics, a cutting-edge attitude, efficiency, quality and customised design. Our acoustic products are prepared to a high standard,
                             with skills acquired from good taste, in order to serve the high-end corporate world. We are JOCAVI®, an INTERNATIONAL reference in the world of acoustics.


                             Recycling means to repeat the life cycle continuously, by giving new use to materials discarded by society.
                             We are increasingly concerned about using recycled, recyclable and environmentally-friendly raw materials.
                             The recycled materials used in our manufacturing processes come from paper, newspapers, magazines, textiles, packagings, cardboard, plastic, polyester,
                             wood and glass.
                             The recyclable materials of our products consist of wood from self-sustainable forests, ABS, PETG, EPS, fabric, ceramics and chipboards.
                             Our painting method uses ecological paints with environmentally harmless dyes and components and no active solvents.
                             Recycling offers an indeterminate number of advantages. It prevents soil and water contamination, reduces the volume of waste that goes to the sanitary
                             landfills, generates jobs for many people and spares natural resources.
                             In the course of the years, JOCAVI® Acoustic Panels has become increasingly concerned and aware of the need to reduce inert matters that pollute the planet.
                             This is an issue that concerns all of us and which the industrial world in particular must pay careful attention to.

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