Wood Panels
JOCAVI® WOODIFFUSOR® is a 2D diffusion panel that focuses on controlling horizontal dispersion and is efficient in a wide range of frequencies. ... know more
JOCAVI® ARCHTRAP® is a flat-shaped acoustic absorbent panel, made with birch plywood on a calculated absorbent box. Mid-low range freq absorber ... more
JOCAVI® WOODFOIL® is a slightly concave diffusion panel, made of varnished birch plywood ... know more
JOCAVI® WOODFOIL® Ab, has holes that provide a higher absorption coefficient ... know more
JOCAVI® LEAKY FM® Its mainly meant for radio and television studios, as well as broadcasting and voice-over rooms and auditoriums ... know more
JOCAVI® ADDSORB® mainly used in auditoriums, conference rooms, multipurpose rooms and places where continuous coating acoustic surface is ... more
ATP® SLIMBASS ANGLE® is a low-frequencies absorbent panel for Music rooms, studios, rehearsal rooms, etc.... It forms inside it a 160 Hz resonance box ... more
JOCAVI® ADDSORB® REV is a composite wood veneer finish consisting of a medium/high density coloured grooved fibreboard ... know more
IN® WOODFACE® WP1624 is a practical and efficient solution, composed of coconut fiber (as an energy absorbent material) and perforated panels ... know more
IN® WOODFACE® 0616 is ideal for installing in auditoriums, conference rooms, sport pavilions, business spaces, restaurants and bars, etc ... more
IN® WOODWALL® is a construction finishing material with acoustic absorbing properties. The wood plate is provided separately from the coconut fiber layer ... know more
ATP® COSMOS® is an acoustic solution for commercial areas, offices, public spaces, as well as audio and video studios ... know more
ATP® SLIMBASS® WALL is an absorbent panel of low-frequencies to be used on walls or ceilings. Music rooms, studios, rehearsal rooms, etc., ... know more