Velvety Panels
ATP® PYRAMID® ABS (PYR060F) absorption acoustic panel for the music industry. It can be combined with the Pyramid (PYR060E) eps difusor ... more
ATP® TWIST® allows the creation of large-surface areas giving to the rooms an attractive appearance making it ideal for the most ... know more
ATP® COOKIE® is excellent sound absorption panel which appearance describes a simple concave and convex circular shape ... know more
ATP® DECOART® is ideal for commercial areas, television studios, pavilions, auditoriums, meeting rooms, public spaces, to control airborne noise ... more
ATP® ABTWICE® angular's arc-shaped geometry and soft finish layer improves acoustic performance providing a fine and "smooth like velvet" ... more
ATP® TRAP 30® is a large-sized diffuser... Due to its shape and depth, it has a high diffusion coefficient on medium/low frequencies. ... know more
ATP® SNOWSORB® has a higher balance between diffusion / absorption. It is a 2D quadratic diffuser with five slightly uneven gradients.... know more
ATP® SEAFOAM® is an acoustic diffuser with outstanding scattering features coupled with the lowest absorption coefficient. ... know more
ATP® FOAMSORB® panel using non-linear convex shapes, based on ellipses optimised in order to achieve better angular diffusion coverage ... know more
ATP® SWELL® is a 2D diffusion panel that focuses on controlling horizontal dispersion and is efficient in a wide range of frequencies. ... know more
ATP® TRAP40® is a low frequencies reduction tool and a simple and affordable solution providing immediate results for quick installations ... know more