MIC PROTECTOR® For live events, it modifies the insert’s behaviour of “noise gates, compressors, dynamics’ controllers” providing them with easiness of control ... know more
VOCAL MIC REFLECTION FILTER®for recording singers, broadcasters, acoustic and electric guitars, basses, flutes, wind instruments, etc ...know more
ATP® BABS® is an acoustic blind system, ideal for your tracking room. Provides an outstanding acoustic division between each instrument or amplifier ... know more
DRUMBASE® is an anti-vibration platform for drum sets which is composed of 9 pieces that fit together and make up a total area of 4m2 ... know more
HORNDIFFUSER® This accessory works as an acoustic mirror for trumpeters, trombonists and saxophonists ... know more
NEAR FIELD BASE® works miracles on your room’s sound. It minimizes the propagation of physical vibrations to the pieces installed on the workbenches  ... know more
SUB WOOFER BASE® to set-up when you use a sub-woofer. Its essential to reduce the vibrations that result from the physical propagation to the room ... know more
KICK PAD® KIT was created to absorb unwanted harmonics which are out of tune with the bass drum note, thus making the beat clearer ... more